Coaching, Classes, Workshops, and Training to Assist You on Your Journey Ahead

  • Phyllis Clay, Ph.D., Psychosynthesis Teacher and Coach, offers classes and workshops to help people reach their highest potential.Do you yearn to move forward toward a cherished dream or goal?
  • Are you feeling disconnected from your life’s purpose?
  • Are you in a transition and not sure what is next?
  • Are you ready to find and pursue your life’s purpose?
  • Do you need support to find clarity about what lies ahead?

I’m Dr. Phyllis Clay, a transformational coach and teacher. I create safe spaces for people to grow into their full potential. My clients organize all parts of their lives around their purpose—like a musical synthesizer bringing together all the instruments to play in harmony around a common theme. In short, I help them facilitate the expression of their own music.

I work with people like you to foster deep personal, professional, and spiritual growth. In addition to my individual coaching and workshops, I guide my clients on Journeys to Self, psycho-spiritual workshops and classes using expressive arts and other healing modalities to help them gain clarity and open to the many possibilities life holds.

My clients are eager, self-motivated, undaunted, creative, growing, and energized.  Their whole-hearted philosophy makes them open to exploring all that life has to offer them.

I welcome the opportunity to chat with you and discuss how partnering with me can give you the support you need to move forward toward your dreams. 

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